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Images from the April and May meetings.

April 2008.pdf

Kangaroo Island  “Sustainable Island.”.
Bedini Motor,
Huge spinning cylinders harnessthe wind

Feb 2008.pdf

Guest speakers
Warwick D. Raymont, D.Sc.
Martin Gottschall BE, ME, PhD, FDBA&nbs

General discussion:  wind power, water purification, Kangaroo Island development as a flagship renewable energy island.

Dec 2007.pdf

Competition and Christmas Party.

Andrew:  Gravity Wheel

Ash: Library File System

Bruce:  Electric Car ECU 

Charlie: Water purification. Charlie

Damien: Stress control device.

Ken: D-Bridge

Michael: Tesla Coil

Ray: Air Coditioner

Robert: Dig in the dark shovel.

Oct 2007.pdf   

Images past and present.

Aug 2007.pdf    

LED Lighting,  Yoghurt energy sensor,  Magnetic Field Generator,   Stern failure.

June 2007.pdf  

Sherpa-electronics,  Ormus,  Zeolite.

April 2007.pdf  

Sherpa rules,  petrol to electric conversion.

Feb 2007 pdf

The competition results from last year. Pendulum pump.

Dec 2006.pdf   

Oil from oil seed crops, global warming

Oct 2006.pdf   

Energy By Motion machine. Earths oxygen running out?

Aug 2006.pdf   

Oil crops for cheaper fuel?

June 2006.pdf    

Body.Mind.Psychic Expo, Water drop, Flynn motor, Borromean coil

April 2006.pdf   

Martin Gottschall, UFO's, time, space, multiple realities

Feb 2006 pdf   

The competition results from last year. (pdf copy only)

For Nicholas Moller's    

papers as described in Feb Newsletter.

Dec 2005

The Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor. Chris ...started off and said that he was doing energy research at university and that he had come across the works of Victor Schauberger.........see newsletter.

Oct 2005

Mr Silvestor Varga's "energy modifier

Oct 2005 

This is an easy to read pdf newsletter.  Save to file and print only the pages you want.

Aug 2005

Suppose you had a metal alloy that had the advantages of liquid mercury, but without the toxic effects?

June 2005

Molecular engine,  Seawater distillation, Water Drop Experiment.

April 2005

Tesla turbine, Q2, Electrical Pulse Generator, hybrid loco.

Feb 2005

Competition review, super tonic.

Dec 2004

Tower brush assy,  Electric water precipitate device. A Barry.

Oct 2004

PVC pipe wind turbine blades. Joe Cell, Stirling.

Aug 2004

Home made paint recipies. Power Tower...Muldura

June 2004

F&P load tests, washing machine motor recycling.

April 2004

Vacuum pump, electrim mower, hydrogen...Schauberger.

Feb 2004


Serpentinemotor, Bruce's magnetic torch.

Dec 2003

Why is the motorcyclist getting pulled over? Nitro Cell Report. No battery torch.
How to build yourself a Glow Discharge Plasma panel. Homemade Solar Cells. MWO's.

Oct 2003

Devashon gave a brief explanation of the Vortrap. Beck Pulsers. Jan with a demonstration of a pendulum. Michael brought along an Aura Therapy and Energy Cleaning device. Daniel Dingle..hydrogen power. GUEST Speaker for the night. RON EHRAT from the PIC MICRO-CONTROLLER CLUB.

Aug 2003

Rons glasses with blue LEDs. Voltage doubler. Batteryless torch. Vic's ghost receiver. Peter and David, who brought along their electric assisted bicycles. Robert demonstrated his gravity wheel experiment.

June 2003

1872 solar engine. Atomic Hydrogen Blowtorch. Cold Fusion Reactor.

May 2003

News in PHYSICS - New Element discovered. A motor speed controller. Solar Tower technology. Probe Your Ports! Curing Dengue Fever.

April 2003

March technical group meeting Photos. A great vortex from Devashon. George baked a cake! Electron cascade effect.

March 2003

Hafnium quantum nucleonic reactor. Fuel Cell Technology. Warwick said that free energy was not a technical problem, it was a moral and ethical problem.

Feb 2003

Bruce's Mini-maximiser. Andrew....orgone accumulator. Bruce's cooler.

Jan 2003

Engine or Motor? Chemalloy, Pictures of the 2002 ASTRO SA Inventor's competition. Victor presented an amplified audible magnetic detector. Randal "Phase and Pulse Controller"

Dec 2002


Motors as generators. JOHN EVANS as our Guest Speaker. The subject of the talk was " ASPECTS OF TITANIC THAT ARE NOT WIDELY KNOWN"

Oct 2002

Martin McKenzie as the guest speaker. Specialises in "TUINA" remedial, sports and corporate massage.

Sept 2002


Aug 2002

Scalebuoys Ian Hobbs as the Guest Speaker. Topic,  Feng Shui

July 2002 

Guest speaker TROY RYAN, solar electric systems.

June 2002

Ken's voltage converter,  Joe Cell water charging unit, Jans wheelbarrow.  Anne on Reflexology.

May 2002 

Radionics, The Healing Method of the Future, Leigh gave an absolutely fascinating talk on robotics.

April 2002

Philip James describing his brilliant steering/balance system! Two of Randals modified generators.

March 2002

Bruce's air-fuel mixture meter. Transparent Alumina - Three Times Stronger Than Steel.

Feb 2002

Randal's electric car. Fly Steam?

Jan 2002

Stanley Steamer engine picture.

Dec 2001

November technical meeting. Perce Southham passed away R.I.P.

Nov 2001

The Humphrey Pump.

Oct 2001

Measuring Joe Cell Fields. Letters from Bruce McBurney, Dan Brennan, Tad Johnson.

Sept 2001

The Gary Effect Magnetic Motor. Letters from Steve.

Aug 2001

The Gary Effect Magnetic Motor. Six stroke engine. Letters from Joumani Driss and Mark Eliot. Guest Speakers, Malcolm Bare and Geof Egel.

July 2001

Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator.. Letters from Ray and Chris. Guest Speaker:- Dr. Andy Barrie PhD BSc DipBRT BICOM therapy.

June 2001

Indirect evaporative cooling. Adelaide electric motor invention. Electric Bike. Joe Cell. Peter comments on Maralinga and radioactivity.

May 2001

Members Report Andrew S. Steam rockets. Keith Crittenden passed away R.I.P  

Guest Speaker - Andrew Larkin Health Clinician on Aging v/s Anti-aging.

April 2001

Sam Deslandes letter. Electric Morris 1100. The critical temperature for water. Amazon forest.

March 2001

Members Report: Keith. Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Substances. Home made solar cells.

Feb 2001 

Micro Cogeneration.  Miracle in the Void.  Video from Poland. Power line radiation

Jan 2001

The Hydrogen-Boost system for cars. The competition review!

Dec 2000

Bob Beck circuit.  Sir George Cayley (heat engines).
North Pole a South Pole?
The modern spark gap 1950's style (Good for Tesla coils).

Nov 2000

Members Report: Cedric builder of, Adams Motor, Tate Energy Collector, Solar Motor,Magnet Motor, Gravity Gate, Hendershot Generator. Improving Fuel Economy (part3)

Oct 2000

Members Report: Dino on water and health.
Some ASTRO History. The September Speaker was Keven Robb. The subject "UFO Encounters in South Australia."

Sept 2000

And The Banks Created Debt! ECOcommodore. Improving Fuel Econom (part2). Nappies The August Speaker was Peter Allen. The subject "Face Reading" The Hidden Art of Instant Character Analysis. Kieth's $2000 Reward!

Aug 2000

Thermoelectric Generator. Improving Fuel Economy (part1). Joe Cell Report. How Hot is Hell? The July Speakers were Peter Rosenthorp & Ron Ehrat. The subjects Pic Microcontrollers and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing.

July 2000

GEET, Soy, HIMAC, Multi-wave oscillator. The June Speaker was Devershon.
The subject
"Walter Russell with Occult Chemistry and the transmutation of Elements".

June 2000

HIMAC. Water conditioner The May Speaker was Margaret Everard. The subject was Phsycometery.

May 2000

Adams Motor, Geet, HIMAC, Joe Cell, Perpetual Motion ,Soy Products ,Water Injection.

April 2000

HIMAC. March Speakers were Ashley and Robert: The subject Music Maths and the twelfth root of two.


Joe Cell tests part 4, HIMAC. Feb Speaker was Louise Wiggins.: The subject was Yoga.

Feb 2000

ANU, GEET ,Heat Pump,HIMAC,Joe Cell part 3,Water Fuel Cell,Jan Speaker was Peter Patterson.

Jan 2000

Caduceus Coil,HIMAC,Joe Cell part 2

Dec 1999

HIMAC,Joe Cell Tests part 1,Seeing Magnetic Fields. The Nov Speaker was David Horne from OmniPole.

Nov 1999..Nov 

1999 HIMAC, Hybrid Cars, Making Solar Cells, Lightning, Plastic Batteries.

Oct 1999

Electronic Switch, HIMAC,Ultrasonic Beam. Sept Speaker was Sue Taylor:
The subject was MANNATECH

Sept 1999

HIMAC, Ken's successful failure. Letter from Bruce McBurney.

Aug 1999

GEET Malleable Batteries,, Sacred Water. July Speaker was Dean Roper. The subject The Y2K Bug.

July 1999

Andrew…gave an update on his water conditioner. The Guest Speaker, Dean Roper.

June 1999

The June Speaker was Ken Kranz. The subject was Surge Arrestors.

May 1999..Ross River Fever, Zapper, Colloidal silver makers.

April 1999

Diesel fuel & tap water. The April Speaker was Peter Taubert. The subject was "Your health & food additives".

March 1999

Percy's Percy! Antique High Frequency Ultra Violet Unit

Feb 1999

1999 The rocket muffler man (Brian).

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Adams Motor, Wilhelm Magnetic Motor.

Oct 1993

Hydrogen Projects

Sep 1993

Aug 1993

Running cars on water, fact or fiction.

July 1993

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Jan 1993

Dec 1992

ASTRO's first newsletter, Electron Flow 1. Electron Flow 2